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What is NAAFED’s registration cancellation policy for the TOP Flight?
30 days before August 2nd = 100% return of registration fee
14 days before August 2nd = 50% return of registration fee
Less than 14 days before August 2nd = No return of registration fee

Will I receive any kind of certification?
All participants will receive of certificate of completion. Rigging certification is only available from the Entertainment Technician Certification Program. However, those who have already received ETCP certification can earn renewal credits through NAAFED.

I have some scheduling conflicts. Can I miss a day?
Courses are cumulative, so missing a portion is not recommended. We want everyone to have a good experience, and missing out on any section will prevent you from getting all you can out of the training and may leave you unable to catch up on the material. If you must miss a portion of training, you may be asked to watch rather than participate in some hands-on sections so you do not slow down your peers. No discounts will be given for any missed time.

How can I pay?
Our registration form allows you to pay through PayPal. We also accept payments through a personal check mailed at our office, or a credit card. If you’d like to set up a credit card payment with our business manager, feel free to call us at 888-359-4255.

Can I receive a $350.00 discount by registering as both a student and an active member of a listed organization?
No. We do not accept multiple discount codes.

Is there an age minimum?
Although the course is designed to accommodate varied skill levels, the material is likely too advanced for anyone under 18 years of age. If you have an exceptional student or child that wishes to attend, please contact us to discuss your options.

Will I get to fly?
Yes, everyone that wants to fly will get a chance. We understand that an in-air experience is valuable for flying operators, directors, and performers.

What types of clothes should I wear for flying?
We recommend bringing comfortable clothing for this workshop — yoga pants or something similar. Jeans are not recommended for flight. Shirts should have crew necks and sleeves.